We’re Coming to Belltown!!

Belltown Seattle Restored

Seattle Restored Gave Us A Shot, Y'all

Exciting news! We’ve partnered with an organization called Seattle Restored to put The Self Care Square in a Storefront in Belltown! Seattle Restored is a program with a mission to restore the heartbeat of Seattle by matching local small businesses with the landlords of the vacant commercial spaces all around Seattle and sponsoring a period of time rent free in the units. This gives access to businesses owners that typically wouldn’t have a chance, i.e. us. There is even a chance for business owners who do well and want to stay in the space to build relationships with landlords and make that a possibility. So we are SO thankful to be given this opportunity and fully intend on going all the way and having a permanent space in our really dope spot in Belltown

What's Going On at The Self Care Square Belltown?

The space is literally perfect in size for the quality interactive retail, service, and event experience we've envisioned all year! We are using the space to feature a diverse repertoire of other local self care brands that may not have a chance to get into local stores, hold community events, guide people in making their own self care, and more!

It's about 1300 square feet, you walk in and it smells HEAVENLY and there’s a soft vibe of funky r&b hip hop beats playing in the atmosphere. There’s a makers studio on one side; countertops, a sink, and a stove all for teaching and making skincare products on the spot. The classic red sequined table is placed in the space displaying a few of everything we have in store or a featured artist's work for nostalgic purposes [can’t forget where we came from]. There are floating shelves full of body butters, soaps, perfumes, and other products that you may smell and try on. There’s a kid’s corner in the back so the kids can play in a centralized space and leave you in peace to treat yourself with no distractions. 



Maker's Studio

Book a day to yourself or a day with your mate to create your own self care with the help of an Expert Maker. You may create a Body Butter, Roll-On Essence, or Lip Balm that you concoct out of your Self Crafted unique-to-you Fragrance or Flavor Blend. You will be surprised at what you create! Plus, nothing is like the feeling of making something for yourself or a loved one that will be used daily and remind you just how creative you are!

Book your Maker's Studio Session here


Would You Like To Help?

We need some funding for furnishing our space to be a comfortable and safe place, repairs, security supplies, and reliable staffing. You can help us secure these items by coming to visit and seeing it for yourself, booking a Maker's Studio Session, or buy purchasing a Self Care Square Gift Card that never expires and can be used online and in store. This way, you can contribute to the Space Improvement Fund AND treat yourself or a friend to some Self Care at your/their own leisure!

If you would like to help sponsor The Self Care Square Belltown in a different way, please inquire by emailing us at hello@theselfcaresquare.com. 

We’ll continue to keep everybody posted on progress of developing the space on our instagram and blog! So follow us and join our mailing list to stay in the know!