Badder Body: Illmaddik

Ilmaddik is Badder Body's Masculine scent collection that focuses on Woodsy, Natural, and Musky notes. The product lines that feature these scents include Body Butter, Luxury Artisan Soap, and Hair and Beard Oil. This collection may change from season to season as popularity of the scents fluctuate throughout the year. You can expect a change every March, June, September and December. The current season's collection includes

  • Badd Mutha-- - Fresh Wood [Cedar, Cypress, Lemongrass]
  • NITRANE - Old Fashion Whiskey Cocktail [Amber, Bay Rum, Cherry, Peach, Bourbon]
  • Rozez - Classic Rosewood-Rose
  • Silvabakk - Spiced Orange [Bay Rum, Black Pepper, Ginger, Sweet Orange]