Badder Body: Body Butter Mini Packs

Not sure what scent to pick? Pick them all with a Curated Mini Pack! Each Mini Pack has four 1oz jars of Body Butter that share a similar scent-scape. These 1oz jars are great for travel and touch ups so when you find your favorite you can pop this in your pocket or purse to keep the body moisturized throughout your day!

The collections we're offering this season include:

Baddie Bunch Mini Pack

Our collection of our top 4 best sellers. You are sure to find a favorite in this tried and true pack

Illmaddik Mini Pack

Our more androgynous-masculine leaning scent-scape. It's like the guy version of the Baddie Bunch. People who enjoy more natural, musky, and spicier scents go for the scents in this collection

Cuffin' Seazn Mini Pack

Our limited edition Winter Collection! The theme this year was Winter desserts; we've got you covered for warmer sweet scents that contain vanilla, citrus, and natural vibes.

Browse below and get closer to finding your favorite scent!