Soap'd By Fani

Soap'd by Fani is a clean vegan Bath and Body Brand that offers luxury quality soap, bath bombs, and menthol bombs handmade by Stefani Thai Ray. These items are made with tact and love in Stefani's kitchen; her signature items being her Luxury Artisan Soap. Every month she makes a new collection of a variety of soaps and bath bombs. 

Stefani's Luxury Artisan Soaps are infused with plant based milks such as coconut milk and almond milk and clays to help maintain moisture in the skin and detoxify the pores. The fragrance are thoughtfully picked to provide such an essence that other bar soaps just don't provide!

Stefani's Bath Bombs are adorable to see and to smell and make the perfect bath accessory to use for those who want to unwind and take their most relaxing bath due to the Epsom salt included. Each Bath Bomb is hand painted with care as well.

Take a look below to find  your perfect bath experience!