About Acacia and Badder Body

About Acacia

Hey I'm Acacia, Owner and Creator of Badder Body, a Vegan Skincare Brand. I am a military brat so it's hard to convey where I'm from but I guess technically I've lived most of my years right here all around the Pacific Northwest. I've lived in Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle, and Renton, Washington. I've always loved to perform! I was in my middle school's Christmas Carol Musical and had the only Rap song, Played Marty in my Middle School's Grease production, and in my High School's Select and Show choirs so it's easy to say I'm a music nut. You can see musical influence in the products I create for Badder Body; each of the scents' names are from lines of song lyrics or inspired by song titles. 

After graduating high school, I went across country to attend Fort Valley State University, an HBCU in Middle Georgia where I majored in psychology, made great friends, and dropped out after my 5th semester. When I returned home, I entered the medical clerical workforce as a Patient Access Technician where I hone my organizational skills. I became Lead in most of the jobs I held and made lots of friends. I'd been in that industry for 8 years when I decided to leave and pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur full time. 

About Badder Body

The Origin Story

Badder Body was created just off of one product, our wonderful smelling longlasting, super versatile Body Butter. Shortly after graduating High School in 2011, I cut the relaxer out of my hair and I was so frustrated learning how my hair worked.


[this is right after I cut it and had it styled by a professional. rarely looked like this. I often didn't take pictures of my hair because...] It was dry all the time, brittle, and didn't ever seem to grow! Nothing I would use would help for very long, so sometime a couple years later out of sheer frustration, I took to the internet to research what natural ingredients I could put in my natural hair that would moisturize and keep my hair from breaking. Out of that search came the beta formula of the Hair Butter I would create. In creating this I found that it worked wonders for both my hair AND my body. 

in about 2014, shortly after entering in the Medical Clerical career, I came to learn about essential oils and picked two oils that coincided with my favorite teas Peppermint and Lemongrass, to try and put in the butters I had been making for a few years. By now I've made many variations of the recipe, since I never wrote it down and they lasted much too long for me to remember the exact measurements of ingredients... It smelled like cake batter! Badder was born! It was my nickname for the butters from then on. 

Shortly after meeting my husband in the Summer of 2015, we began to hit stages all around the Puget Sound as the Feel Good Hip-Hop Duo, Peace & Red Velvet.

The following Summer I decided to include Badder on our merch table along with our T-Shirts in the scents Motha Funkin' Mynt [Peppermint, name after So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast] and La La Lemyn [Lemongrass, named after nothin' special]. From there our circle of artists and musicians looked forward to trying and having our butters at our shows! This planted the idea that this just might be something, but I didn't take it as seriously as I could've then.

For some years, I let Badder sit, got married, started a family, stopped performing as much, and focused on my career... and these bills. That was until I stopped seeing a future in my career. I always knew that I wanted to be a leader in my career and for the most part I had support from my superiors in this goal. My wages weren't granting me the life that I wanted. I wanted to be free and make a difference. In early 2019, A combination of circumstances lead me to decide to give Badder a shot! Like, a real one.

From there I rebranded the look and feel, set  up some shoots with some of my artists friends from our performance days, and made my first ever Shopify website! [it was the right choice]. I started making bigger batches and popping up at local Black Businesses, Black Business Markets, and eventually Pop-Up Markets like the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall! 

Kate Berwanger, the owner of HeyUncleKate, a super cute Bookstore who feature Women and BIPOC authors only Blind Date Style, found out about Badder from one of my friends from my performing days and VERY FIRST customers, Carolyn Hitt, an Activist and Artist of Blue Cone Studios. She offered me to pop-up at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall in a space close to her trailer there and made me feel so at home! I never wanted to leave. Turns out she was off to Cincinnati shortly thereafter and offered me her space to fill and we've been there ever since. 

Where We Are Now

Badder Body has been and will always be committed to high quality versatile and long lasting skincare essentials. It started with the Body Butter that could cover you from 'fro to flo' and lead to the Hair and Beard Oil that took my husband from looking like this    to this    

We've got a long list of products we plan to make in the near future and are always listening to your input and feedback to guide our steps and continue making the things that you LOVE!

Our goal is to grow into a successful enough brand with The Self Care Square to provide educational resources and programs to youth of the community that aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves. I would love to contribute to grants for those small businesses as well. 


Badder Body does take wholesale orders for events, charities and causes, fundraisers, and retail. We are also able to create a custom collection for you or your brand or theme. If you would like to inquire about wholesaling one of our brands, please contact us on our Contact page to speak to one of us about our wholesale services.