About Amy and Robot Mom

Meet Amy!

Amy Handy is a mixed media artist and owner of Robot Mom Creations LLC.  As a neurodiverse woman and mother of 5, Amy often jokes about her robotic nature, which is particularly strong when she is in a state of flow.  Naturally she opted to name her business after her alter ego Robot Mom.  Amy specializes in what she calls “Functional Memorial Art.”  She loves creating works of art using functional pieces like trays, lazy susans, tables and dishes.  Her favorite projects are the ones where she has the opportunity to incorperate special mementos in her works.  She works directly with her clients to preserve their memories, including human and pet remains, breast milk keepsakes and flower preservation.   She is best known for her beach and ocean inspired pieces.

Meet Robot Mom

Amy's Functional Art Pieces are inspired by nature and could quite literally bring the beach to your bathroom!