About Stefani and Soap'd By Fani

About Stefani

I am a 22-year-old gal who is originally from Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia, and if you look on the maps, the country is in a shape of the Letter S! In addition to creating beautiful soap/self-care products, I also enjoy photography, my camera is my 3rd arm! I love watching movies, shows and analyzing them, as well as poems. I also love water, this includes swimming, the beach or any water related sports. All my life I've enjoyed both the city life in Vietnam but since Vietnam is a coastal country, I feel my best self when I am surrounded by a body of water. 
"You are the little gentle waves that washes up shore bringing peace and serenity. But don’t forget to rise like the Tsunami that you are and destroy everything that comes in between you, and those who are trying to drown your dreams" - a little quote I came up with that makes me feel connected to the water. 

About Soap'd By Fani

Origin Story

It all started when with my skincare/beauty obsession growing up. I am keen about taking care of your mind/body. Most of the time when flipping over a bottle/bar of soap that is made by a big cooperate brand, they usually add in harmful detergents into their products! I mean, who wants to look like a wrinkly mess by the time they are 40? I mean isn't the midlife crisis not enough! 

One day I decided to combine my love for fine arts and beautiful things in life into one with skincare, and I found that shortly after doing this, it just made everyone happy and at peace that meanwhile they are taking care of themselves with beautifully handcrafted products, that they are not harming their bodies!

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie "Dead Poet Society", quoting from Robbin William it states, " Medicine, law, business, engineering; these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, romance, love... these are what we stay alive for". That is how I got started, just a girl selling clean beauty products, combining it with the art of storytelling integrated into artisan soaps. 

How we started the Self Care Square

Stefani and Acacia, met one year ago at a vending event, they kicked it off right away when they tried each other's products and were highly impressed with the performance of them.  Acacia invited Stefani to vend at the Georgetown trailer park mall, and soon enough they were vending in the same store/trailer. They went off to share a beautiful friendship which led them to create the self-care square together. A place where clean/vegan self-care essential products. They both have always believed in the philosophy that skincare should be effective just as it is gentle for the skin, and that beauty shouldn't hurt in the long run. Combining their love for clean skincare products together through their labor of love, the Self Care Square was born.