Feedbakk - Body Butter
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Feedbakk - Body Butter

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Stimulating your skin with no feedback. This jar is all about you. The natural, the nutty, the beautiful. From beautifully bare with this scentless base, to layered from your routine. Frame your exhibition here.

Feedbakk: Unscented


All over the Skin. Best used while skin is damp but can be used as touch up moisturizer throughout the day
From Root to Ends on Coily and Curly Hair to lock in moisture and prevent breakage
On Ends of Straight and Wavy Hair to lock in moisture and prevent breakage
On a damp beard to lock in moisture and prevent breakage
With a partner [or yourself] as a Massage Butter
On the face as Makeup Remover [Unless unscented, avoid the eyes]

Size and Longevity


Up to 1 month used daily on hands and body, up to several months used as a travel moisturizer for touch-up moisture as needed


Depending on usage, ranges from as little as 3 months and as long as a year or more

Directions for use

Apply small amount to skin and/or hair until reached desired effect
Best used on damp skin and hair surfaces [i.e. after showers/baths, hair washes, and handwashes] but may be used as a touch up moisturizer throughout the day


Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Olive Oil
Shea Butter

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Customer Reviews

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Guys you gotta get it!!!

Guys this may seem like a "girly" product, but it is a-friggin-mazing!!! You put this stuff on in the morning and your skin still feels fresh and smooth. I've used Jergins my whole life, tried BADDER once, and I haven't purchased any other lotion for about the past two and a half years - nor do I see a reason I would go back.

Ways I've used Feedbakk:
arms; hands; legs; feet (helps make them smooth), lips, hair. As Acacia said, "from the fro to the flo!"

These moisturizers are natural and have ingredients that actually help your skin so you have nothing to worry about. Even if you have sensitive skin, Feedbakk has no real scents so you should be fine. I know a few people with skin conditions, who can't use anything but things cetaphil - they use BADDER and LOVE it!!!

Give it a try, but don't blame me when you switch to BADDER and try to figure out different ways you can use the product.

Ashley Petersen
Skin this time, hair next!

I have sensitive skin (eczema) that does not always agree to scented products, which makes me SO happy that a scentless badder is available!! YEEEE! 😃

My hands have a history of eczema and are prone to looking old and dry. I’ve used feedbakk on my hands for the last two days and I see a significant difference in the elasticity in my skin, especially around my fingers. It helps my hands look more like my age, imo.

This product did not stop active flares I get with my skin condition, however, has aided in healing the dryness and flakes that happen after the flares are gone. There are ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties in this badder, so it may help others With inflammation— even if it did not take mine away.

It will feel a little greasy at first because of the way the oils melt on your skin, but after the badder sets in, my noneczema skin feels fantastic. I applied some this morning, and my arms *still* feel smooth.

I’m excited to get another batch to use it in my hair this next time!