Like Kandi - Body Butter
Like Kandi - Body Butter
Like Kandi - Body Butter
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Like Kandi - Body Butter

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Like Kandi: Juicy Mango-Peach

"It's like candy! I can feel it when you walk! Even when you talk, it takes ova me!"
-Cameo, "Candy


You're in Barbados and you just picked the juiciest mango on the tree and took a bite! Now your mouth is full of the nectar and it's running down your chin. The good kind of sticky icky! Like Kandi is giving all the tropical goodness this year with the straightforward fragrances of delicious Mango and Peach. Walk around like a whole snack when you slide that Like Kandi on ya!


All over the Skin. Best used while skin is damp but can be used as touch up moisturizer throughout the day
With a partner [or yourself] as a Massage Butter

Size and Longevity


Up to 1 month used daily on hands and body, up to several months depending on usage as a travel moisturizer for touch-up moisture as needed


Depending on usage, ranges from as little as 3 months and as long as a year or more

Directions for use

Apply small amount to skin until reached desired effect
Best used on damp skin and hair surfaces [i.e. after showers/baths, hair washes, and handwashes] but may be used as a touch up moisturizer throughout the day


Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Olive Oil
Shea Butter
Mango and Peach Fragrance Oils

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Customer Reviews

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Odugo O.

Smoothly blended whipped-like texture (no air bubbles though). so adequately fragrant that I got instant compliments and inquiries about it when I wore it for the first time to a wine mixer. That NEVER happens when I just add my own essential oils on top of regular shea butter. I will be buying the full size jar before month’s end!